Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Rise of the Fylgja

The Rise of the Fylgja

Some of us are living wrong lives. Some of us have been thrown off course by years of expectations from our families, teachers, or spouses. Some of us were handed lives from our ancestors that we did not want. We have fantasies of a life that we’ve always wanted to live. We have nighttime visions of a version of us that could happen, but we spend most of our time distracting ourselves instead of seeking that change. We spend a lot of energy justifying to others how happy we are. Yet, we secretly despise those who are truly confident and happy in their own skin. We talk a lot about how we are so good and powerful, yet we crumble when others fail to recognize us. We spend a lot of time looking for enemies instead of passions. We spend a lot of time obsessing about the actions of others. We fail to see how we affect people around us energetically. We fail to see we have trapped ourselves.
This was a version I lived for a long time. I know that way of life well. In the last two years, I went through a series of relationships and external experiences that taught me what and who my Fylgja is. The Fylgja is the part of our souls reflected in the world. It is woven throughout the external events of our lives. When it is dormant (sleeping in a ring of fire), our lives follow the patterns and cycles laid down to up by our parents. Some of us might be lucky to have parents who have a Fylgja that is half way awake. My father’s was awake for a short time (and it changed his whole destiny), but he lived in an age where there was no support for such transformation and he unwittingly smothered his Fylgja back to sleep. Now that my brain has altered with the rise of my Fylgja, I now know that as a young girl, I recognized what was happening. I saw his Fylgja, his Bear Fetch, many times. I just didn’t understand what I was seeing at the time.
Flash forward 30 years and I find myself on a hunt for this thing called Fylgja, interviewing anyone and everyone I can find who would talk to me about their experience. The journey woke mine up and it was the most traumatic series of events of my life.
For 2 years, I thought I was going crazy every day. I was seeing things my mind could not understand. I was hallucinating and hearing things. I was obsessed with finding him. I hunted him like some spiritual detective. I hunted him like Moby Dick hunted his White Whale, with a resolve more than anything I’ve ever done.
I would ask him questions aloud and strangers on the street would turn to me an answer, like some spirit was riding them. I would ask for help and it would come, in guises that continually surprise me. Meanwhile, every vestige of my former life collapsed. No one understood me. I didn’t want to do anything I used to do. I didn’t want to paint. I didn’t want my marriage. I didn’t want my job. I didn’t want the town I lived in.
I lost most of my friends. I lost my marriage. I lost my job. I lost my sanity.
But I gained something in the experience that I will never ever lose again…and that was myself. I learned more about myself in the last 2 years than I ever have. I have learned about myself by seeing the reflection of my Fylgja in other people. The reason being that my Fylgja is human. He communicates to me via his nature – people.  
The fascinating thing I am learning is that not everyone’s Fylgja is human. Some are spirits of nature. Some are elements. Some are constructs. That would make their Fylgja journey much different. Some people find their Fylgjas on a lonely mountain top or in the wilderness. Some people find theirs in a school of esoteric learning or in books and symbols. Some find theirs through the works of their hands. Some find them through human to human interaction. The Fylgja journey is based on the individual’s needs and their own methods of esoteric communication.
I have noticed that those magic workers whose Fylgjas are more animal or landvaettir based, have a disdain for people. Those whose Fylgjas are more conceptual by nature are usually recluses. Those who have human Fylgjas (usually Alfar or Disir) are the ones who tend the Folkways and love interacting with people. My Alfar arising in me changed my world completely. The way I interacted with people changed. My whole personality changed, and since my goal was to find my Fylgja, I gladly sacrificed all that to him.
What has resulted is a new me that I am learning. I also have ways of seeing things that others don’t. My sight isn’t like in the magic books. My Fylgja speaks in a language that is not spoken, only felt. It is a language we are developing together and with each new experience I have, I learn more nuances of that language.
There are no books for this work, probably because so many people have had such vastly different experiences. There are no organizations supporting this work. Most people think you are mad when you tell them about it. They freak out when they see it. In about 24 hours they forget they had…the mind so easily rationalizes events that it cannot comprehend. There are so few of us out there, that many with awakened Fylgja often develop complexes and have disdain for anyone coming to them about Fylgja work. Even others, have spent so long alone that when they meet another person with a fylgja, they run for fear. Fylgjas cannot destroy another Fylgja. That’s not how they work. Fylgjas live in a realm of Divine Power and none of that can be destroyed. We can put our connection to our Fylgjas asleep, we can run from them by developing co-dependent relationships that distract us from them….but they are there, always watching. The saddest thing I see is when I encounter weeping Fylgjas…Fylgjas of people who have turned their backs on Love and connection with the Universe. They choose to fill that connection with fear and anger instead of Joy and Power. I feel the Despair and Desperation of their Fylgja as it rides me. 
 A lot of people talk about Fylgja, but I can tell they still haven’t woken theirs because I cannot talk to it. Woken Fylgjas talk to one another. It’s really a beauty to behold. In the few people who have let me get close with woken Fylgjas, I have seen all of our lives become much luckier and happier in the process. The Woken Fylgjas dance and collaborate. They conspire for our strength and happiness. I sometimes weep at the beauty I see most days.
For out of the darkness, arose such light I could not have imagined. The light of the Alfar and Disir surely does exist and it is a light I know I will joyfully cultivate for the rest of this lifetime. This is why I talk so openly about this magic, because I want our Heathen Folk to know that the Gods do indeed live in us ad they can grow and unfold in us through our Fylgja work.
I also know that with the light comes the darkness. Not all who have Fylgjas are here to help others. The lore speaks of light Norns and dark Norns and such is the way with Fylgjas. While some Fylgjas weave good luck and happiness in the tribe, others weave chaos and violence.
Those who have not woken their Fylgjas are susceptible to being ridden by these forces and thus, I think it’s imperative to teach anyone who want to find theirs. Whether they know if or not yet, every one of my students has approached me because their Fylgja is awakening. My job is to help midwife that process. Everyday is a new lesson because each awakening is different. Some are fast, some are slow and like birth, you cannot rush the process. I just trust my Fylgja and keep seeking him for answers and I work to learn his language.

Here are some signs that your Fylgja is awakening:
#1 The events in your life and the way others react to you don’t logically make sense
#2 You feel uncomfortable all the time, like you belong in the wrong body
#3 You look at yourself in the mirror and don’t recognize yourself
#4 Your relationships with the opposite sex really suck even though you are doing all the right things
#5 You are falling in love with people who you normally wouldn’t have in the past

If you are experiencing these things, I have found that some simple guidelines help a lot:
#1 Watch everything you say. In the world of the Fylgja, all words we say manifest into being. As they wake up, they want to help us and they listen to every word we say and seek to fulfill it. Keep disparaging yourself aloud and your Fylgja with see it as a wish that you want. Stick to saying positive things about yourself.
#2 Do not blame yourself or anyone around you for your misfortune. Try to look at your circumstances in an objective manner.
#3 The Fylgja is charged with the archetypes of people we interact with in life. Find some good role models to know. People who treat you with respect and kindness. Try not to spend time with anyone who would disparage you. This may mean seeing people or experiences outside your comfort zone.

In the previous post, I talked about Astral Sex. This is done via Fylgjas and they share Runic knowledge and magic via these channels of love and connection. This realm is a little bit unnerving for most people because it exists in a space that is not known to a lot of us. There is an intimacy to spiritual work that is beyond what many people experience in their human romantic relationships. If one person in a romantic relationship has an awakened Fylgja and the other does not, then the awakened Fylgja will become lonely and will hunt the astral highways for connection. The resulting experiences might become intense and confusing, so being communicative with one’s partner is paramount in this. There will come a point that the Fylgjas take on a life of their own and they will become equal partners with us and it’s paramount to always communicate with them and feed them our love.
If you are experiencing this, the best thing you can do is seek out people who have awakened Fylgjas. Ask your Fylgja to lead you to the right people in order to grow. Ask them aloud. Be completely honest with them. Then ask them to show you signs that you will follow, signs you will recognize. These, plus the tools I left above will aid you immensely.
The Fylgjas of people are awakening in the Heathen Community whether we want them to or not. Runes are becoming more and more popular and every time you Galdr a Rune, you wake your Fylgja a little more. The Runes work to facilitate this awakening. (See the Saga of the Volsungs as a metaphorical template here)
The key now for our Heathen Community is to grow in a strong way, centered in balance of all the Nine Realms instead of what happened to the Germanic Zeitgeist when the Runes woke their Fylgjas 100 years ago. Things are going to get weird in the next 5-10 years for our community and it’s paramount that our Volvas and Vitkis work on themselves and work with one another to ensure a bright future. 

Monday, September 24, 2018

Seidr - An Introduction to Astral Sex

( Artwork by Alex Grey)
Seidr: Astral Sex edition

What if i told you that you could have full sensation sex with someone, transfer thoughts, Runes, and magic spells...while being halfway across the world from someone?

It can be done. Some are naturally gifted in this Vanic art. Some of us, it may take years to learn...some get the hang of it quickly, but need to be initiated first.

I can tell you that it involves a lot of self knowledge and the courage to love. It involves the willingness to be completely emotionally naked in front of the other person. It involves a certain amount of empathy on a scale that many struggle with.

This magic can also be used to harm people. Some skilled magicians can wall off parts if thier psyche from love (compartmentalized selves) and can invade your mind and body without you even knowing what's happening. They can rape you and invade your dreams...seducing you to love them. Convincing you to serve them. 

I'm on a mission to educate the Seidr community because forwarned is forarmed. 

Granted, if sex magic is done to harm others, there are specific consequences...the inner loving part that is used to bait the victim can actually be an entry point for battle magic and binding Runes. 

If one were so inclined to hunt these people would be able to use that particular point as advantage. 

All magic is neutral. One would think sex magic was all about love...but some can weaponize love. There are also countless amounts of Oorlog shadows and weaknesses that can be passed this way. If one were to engage in this magic, it is wise to do with trusted partners and to consistently understand one's true as to not get lost in the other person.

I have written in the past how Thorr is a great ally in Seidr work and Sex magic cam be made much safer with Thorr's protection (which I'm sure he's probably chuckling about this right now). A simple hammer hallowing over the body before doing sex magic aids in making sure the connection is beneficial for both people growing. 

So for those of you who are interested, i really recommend meditation and trance work to start out. 

A friend also shared this amazing video with me this morning and I laughed at how these things work out. It's funny when artists can tap visually into magical principles. The artwork in this video accurately captures what it is like to engage in this magic. 

I'll leave this here as an introduction for newcomers to Seidr sex magic and perhaps as inspiration for those of you veterans who ride the Astral Highways. 

Enjoy! And Happy travels to you all.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Rune Magic (Brightstave Hagalaz)

Rune Magic Lesson (Brightstave Hagalaz)

Sometimes a change of perspective is all we need to see new roads towards the calling of our souls. Perspective is everything in magic. Change the orientation in your mind and change the outcome of your magic. For many years, I bought the lie that the reason my spells didn’t work out exactly like I wanted them to be was because the Norns don’t let us have everything we want. That I have some kind of predestined fate and I’m not supposed to be too happy because the universe needs balance. Such a nasty little murkstave, that thought! Nihilism never served any good endeavor. It only seeks annihilation and since I am not in the mood to be destroyed, I needed to rip out every Nihilistic thought in my mind garden in order to see Causality around me more clearly. Weeding is a daily process, but I will tell you, pulling out that murkstave of Hagalaz has been liberating!
Our world does exist in balance, but what goes on in our hearts and minds is our choice. We don’t have to accept unhappiness, self-hatred, or bitterness. We are not obligated to suffer for our magic or for our Gods. Life will always throw you curveballs. This world is filled with people who have given up hope and love. There will always be people who will try to steal, rape, and destroy you. People you love will perplex you and possibly disappoint you. These things are bound to happen, but how you build the magic in your mind and in your heart is ultimately YOUR choice.
Choice is everything in magic. We choose actions. We choose feelings. We even choose paradigms and archetypes to learn from. Choice is the sword of every warrior and every magician. How we choose to react and experience this world determines who and what we are. It sets us on a course for our future. Our choices build our Wyrd. When we interact with others, it’s not just what we say that determines our future, but how we think and whether we accept their perspective into our mind. We don’t have to buy into other people’s perspectives. We can live in another world than they do. I for one, refuse to live in a world that limits my pursuit of love and compassion for the souls of mankind. I have had many people try to convince me I am mad for nurturing the souls of others, but I believe that it is the light in our souls that keeps us alive as humans. I, for one, love humanity. I love Our Great Mother Planet who mated with the Sky Father and created LIFE. That living magic hums and vibrates in every living being on this planet. It is what makes your heart beat, your breathing response, and your brain activity that now is reading the words I have written. Every single part of you is imbibed with the magic of LIFE. Every cell, every thought, stems from the interaction of your physical body interacting with your spirit. That connection is paramount in preserving and strengthening. I am still a novice at this magic, but I know in my heart, that supporting the divine in people is key towards helping them become more vital, aware, and powerful people.
I, for one, do not want to see humanity crumble and fade in corruption, apathy, and nihilistic sickness. That is why I spend most of my day passively observing myself as I go about my day. I have a Watcher Self that I cultivated. It is an archetype of every teacher I have encountered and not just magic teachers. My Watcher is a mental Frankenstein’s monster of every Math and Philosophy teacher, Spiritual teacher, Martial Arts teacher, Yoga teachers, and personal mentors and friends. I feed my Watcher bright Hagalaz energy, so when my teacher corrects me, inside my head, I listen to its wisdom in gratitude. My Watcher is always there. Sometimes I don’t want to listen to my Watcher and then I get hurt and my Watcher is there to tell me exactly why I got hurt. My Watcher never judges me though. It wants me to be strong and navigate well around danger.
I have been lucky enough to meet some incredible teachers in the last year. Wise and noble warriors and magicians who have infinite patience and unconditional love. I am not judged for being headstrong or making mistakes, merely loved and educated as to why I hurt myself. They have shown me the Brightstave of Hagalaz. The harsh lessons that help break down the things in our lives that limit us. These powerful teachers are my heroes and friends and I am so thankful the Gods have sent me their way.
Another aspect of the brightness of Hagalaz is the value of the freedom of choice in others. Freedom is a harsh teacher and many of us have been taught the Murkstave of Hagalaz though fears of uncertainty and danger. The murk of Hagalaz seeks to bind and control others, to break their wills and resolve. Let me share a personal story:
I rent a little cottage in Columbus, Ohio. It’s a small little house with a garden and a tree out back. I have an altar in my garden and I have made friends with the tree and the spirits who live there. It’s just me and my two little tomcats. I feed birds and sometimes my cats eat the birds. There are snakes and possums and raccoons and mice that come to visit me, and we are all wonderful friends. I leave offerings for the Vaettir. I make bread and my old crusts always go to the land. I feed the roots of my tree with yeast and mead and wine. We are like one big happy family in my little cottage home. My landlord is a nice guy and he doesn’t mind that I’m a Heathen witch. His mother, on the other hand, lives next door and she does not like me. I smile and send her blessings, but she sees me and scowls. She does not like that I let the grass and the weeds in the garden grow. She does not like that I drum and sing to the stars. She does not like that I laugh and play with the butterflies when they come to drink from the flowers. She likes her TV shows and her yearly cruises, and she is angry all the time. I sometimes sing blessings through the fence at her sweet dog. He is this big shaggy Newfoundland that likes to run up on my porch and lick me. I love hugging him. My neighbor does not like when I hug her dog. She frowns and grabs him and walks away.
So, my poor landlord is burdened by his mother who hates me. He has now said that I must cut down some of the beloved bushes that house the butterflies and the preying mantis. I want to be able to be mad, but it is his house. He owns the property and I must respect his wishes. It is the oath and agreement in the contract I made. This is reality coming to me and I have the choice, I can become bitter and angry about it or I can learn. Like the Tao says, life is like a reed in the wind, able to bend, so like a reed or willow tree I will work around this. I will not let them steal my happiness. I will cull some of the bushes and I will send blessings to the Vaettir. I will work as mediator between land and human. I do not want to lose my humanity for the land, nor do I want to lose my love of the land for humanity. A balance must always be struck. This, my Watcher tells me.
I have seen all too often, people sacrificing their capacity to love themselves for their beliefs. I have seen good people betrayed and maligned in our communities because no one took the time to understand them. Bright Hagalaz shows us that freedom of being ourselves can sometimes be uncomfortable for everyone. True love allows for people to be who they are without losing ourselves in the process. I am not an angry person, by nature. I am happy and fun loving. I am insanely curious and brave. I also won’t let anyone steal that heart of mine, no matter who they are. I like me, and I will not let anyone change me.
The beautiful thing in this is when I start protecting my heart, I start valuing the free hearts of others. I don’t seek to change people. It is not my goal to proselytize the world to be like Christina. That would make for a very boring world. My goal is to guard and respect my own individual spiritual and emotional freedom and respect and act accordingly to the choices of others.
So, the lesson of my landlord. I have a strong feeling that I may not be in this place for long. That will mean, when I leave, the Vaettir will not be happy with the new tenants and they might find that the consequences of their spiritual ignorance and cowardice will cost them dearly. Me being me will be their consequence for ignorance. In all fairness, I know what’s coming for them and I feel much sympathy. We cannot save people from their own ignorance. All we can do is work on ourselves and those who choose to understand us.
My Watcher has taught me, never help someone unless they ask and so I watch these things unfold and I tell secrets to the neighbor dog and I whisper to the butterflies. Life adapts. It always does.
If us humans want to survive, we will need to adapt, as well.

The Murkstave of Hagalaz is fear birthing circumstance that buries and breaks the living heart of a person.

The Brightstave of Hagalaz is bravery birthing the circumstances that act as karma for others and self, so everyone can grow and learn.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Rune Magic (Battle Triage Edition)

Rune Magic (Battle Triage Edition)

This last Spring, I was really drawn to singing the whole Futhark as a type of meditation each day. I had this feeling in my gut that each of the Runes supported one another, but I wasn’t really quite sure how. Consequently, I learned a very valuable lesson from someone who really taught me the importance of understanding that there is a Bright and Murk to every stave. In my childish innocence, I did not think that I could have ever been cursed or trapped by Runes, but sadly I was very wrong about this. Rune magic can indeed be used to trap and hurt us, to enslave and manipulate our minds. The Murkstaves can be used to make a person feel very happy while everything in their life is being sucked out from under them. Runes can be used to Ride someone’s Wyrd and steal luck and vitality from everyone around them. I was wondering why seers and mystics were running from me like the plague. I was cursed by darkness who has a name and a face. I was his student and slave and was willing to do anything for him. I had no idea of the curse until it was broken. I was jumping at all the wrong shadows before, but knowing now the extent of what has happened, has made me realize that this magical world is a lot more dangerous than I thought.

The crazy thing is, until you have a true and brave Runemaster friend who’s willing to break those chains of spells for you, you could go blissfully along enslaved and feeding the Runemaster that has you in his thrall without ever realizing it. There are dark people out there who would prey on those who want to learn magic. They would use death magic to enslave others and keep them locked in fear. They are trapped by their karma and would use their magic to get money, sex, and love from unsuspecting witches. So beware, Rune seekers. Not all those who come bearing gifts are your friends. Not all those who offer to teach you are noble and care about your empowerment. Gather trusted and true friends about you who can see your change in character and see with their Wyrding eye what is happening.
I thank the Gods for sending me brave friends that have reminded me of the Goodness and Brightness of the Gods. Hail to the bright sons of Tor and Heimdall!
Luckily, with all battles, comes new knowledge and I found myself pouring over the “Well of Wyrd” by Edred Thorsson on his concepts of the Murk and Bright Aspects of Runes. I started meditating on each rune and asked them to show me what is Murk and Bright for each of them. Slowly, the Runes revealed in my mind and I was able to feel and experience the Murk and Bright of their natures. The following are Runes that helped in recovery from murkstave magic. I am sharing them with all you in hopes that if you anyone you know is struggling with dark magic, that they can learn to regain their strength and vitality.

I want to start with a preface here. We are the Runes. We express the Runes in our energy, the moment we start to call them. They live through our thoughts and actions. This is why mental and emotional discipline is paramount in Rune magic. This is warrior magic and one must have a warrior mind in order to do this. If we do not discipline ourselves, the Runes that come from us express themselves with the murkiness of unresolved emotional issues in our Oorlog.

Recent Runic formulas for Recovery from Dark Magic:

Breaking the Chains of Emotional Addiction

DISIR - DagazIsaSowiloIsaRaidho
In my magic studies, Isa is the Rune that embodies the power of Nifleheim (which consequently contains Helheim). As Audumbla licks Buri free from the Ice to reveal the Gods, so do we uncover our divine selves by seeking the wisdom of our Ancestors. The Word DISIR is used for the Mother Ancestors who hold the Hamingja of our lines. In my last year doing Seidr, I’ve been learning to travel these Disir lines to heal, listen to my ancestral wisdom, and help my friends unlock their luck and healing. Brightness and Murk can live in our Ancestral lines within our minds. A big part of Volva work is learning how to mend and clear those channels so that we can actually be of use to our tribe. A sick Volva who no longer feels love and compassion for others will become ruthless and bitter, sucking the life force and love out of everyone she comes into contact with. She will drain others around her and give sickness instead of health and luck. This is when the Disir lines are filled with murk and shadow. Now this is not to be a source of worry, for my Ancestors came to me and encouraged me to see this as a natural evolution. For centuries, magic has been tainted with worry and fear. Our witch mothers suffered much violence and hatred for their gifts. The ones who could conceal themselves well were the ones who survived. Yet, with that survival is much fear and distrust of men laced in a witches Oorlog. There is also much distrust of other women, especially fellow witches and Volvas, hidden within the murky past of our Oorlog, as well.
Yet, the greatest of Goddesses, Freyja and Frigga teach us that unconditional love and compassion is what heals our tribe.
So the first thing that someone can do is call the Disir and ask how to learn unconditional love for one’s self. The first part of healing from curses is forgiveness of self. Compassion of self. To feel that love of the Disir wash over us knowing that we are all perfect and worthy of love. That our Disir love us regardless of how much we reject their wisdom, love, and gifts. They are always there waiting for you. The fire in the hearth is always lit and there is always fresh bread in the oven and a pot of soup on the stove. Grandmother’s home in the Halls of the Dead is the place where we find wholeness and strength.
When dealing with murk magic, call the Disir. They have been waiting for your call.

Berkano for Regeneration

Bright Berkano eats Murk Laguz: the dark waters of our emotions (fears, doubts, worries) can be sacrificed to Berkano for greater resiliency and regeneration in life. Berkano is the Rune of regeneration and is called Birch. The Birch tree drinks a lot of water and so the waters of Laguz (our deep emotional body) feeds this Rune. The beautiful thing about Mother Earth is that she is an incredible teacher of the Runes and Berkano is her power. Life feeds on that which dies, so if you think of the emotions and reactions we have when in crises and face death can be used as sacrifices to Berkano. You can literally say “Berkano, take my fear and worry” and it will be sucked into Berkano like a straw. Berkano can be galdred and fed by our emotions and the energy will build slowly and build and recovery time in the mind and body will accelerate. Trauma always brings fear and worry, so Berkano is a great Rune to work with and channel those feelings into so they can regenerate into good growth and renewal of strength.

Thurisaz and Ansuz for Clarity (seeing the true battlefield)

Bright Thurisaz and Ansuz eats the murk of Othala: Bright Thurisaz or the Fury and anger over the home being invaded and injustice towards personal freedom and speaking aloud those truths clears the murk of Othala. For the Estate can become murky with compromises and letting those who don’t have our best interests into our boundaries. The fire and brightness of Thurisaz fury clears away all who are not loyal to us. The brightness of Ansuz, where we speak boldly the truths of our heart regardless of what others think of us, allows for the fog of the Murk. I learned this bright Thurs Rune from a very close friend recently. His Thurisaz energy is off the charts and it was able to dispel some of the fog of the murkstaves I had on me to get me to see my situation more clearly.

Ehwaz and Raidho for Extracting Poison and Mending Wounds

Bright Ehwaz and Bright Raidho eats Murk Ehwaz: This is a recent soul retrieval technique was taught to me by an ancient guiding spirit of my Ancestors. Many of us have shadows in our Oorlog and that manifests in the shadow relationships we have with the archetypes around us. Our Fylgja will draw people to us to resolve those encounters, but in the brutal dance of Fylgja growth, we can become wounded emotionally and parts of us gets trapped with those traumas. A Shaman knows the piece must be retrieved and loved and gently put back into place in the soul. The brightness of Raidho helps the Shaman journey out and find the lost piece of Hamingja. The shaman then swaps the shadow fylgja energy for the bright fylgja energy they left behind. The welcomed fylgja piece will be in shock, so a good bit of Wunjo is needed here to love the little lost one when they come back. The Shaman is gentle and loving to that traveler (piece) and uses the brightness of Raidho to help clear the channel up in the mind and body. The hole in the Hamingja is then filled with self-forgiveness and unconditional love. Afterwards, we can cut the cords by distancing ourselves from feeling empathy for those who have wounded us. This will be hard for one who works with empathy, but it’s important to know that Gebo can be used against us as Seidr workers. Our most powerful skills in healing and luck magic come from Gebo, but it can be used to ensnare us by those who have divorced themselves from honor and feeling. A Seidr worker can easily become entranced by feeling the wounded and needy heart of a magician or other Seidr worker. It can be a sticky snare to get trapped in and getting out requires letting go of the skill that got you into that mess in the first place. (You can always pick up your empathy at a later date when you have more clarity)

As we grow in Seidr and Runes, it’s important to know that those who we spend a lot of time with…those we listen to and get counsel from…have a huge influence over our emotional body. This is why it is imperative to practice Utiseta, to find space alone to think and connect with Ancestors. This is also another reason to pick a good tribe, to test all those around you, to always be yourself. To say your truth. To see how your friends react to situations. To maintain objectivity.

All Runes contain both Murk and Bright just as we do, as people. They live and grow in us and the more we come to peace with those sides of us, we can start to use the Murk and Bright for the benefit of our communities, instead of miring them in weakness and the spreading of paranoia and fear.

I share my Runic knowledge with the world because I believe in living in a world without fear. These are seeds of hope I am sharing with all of you. For I believe that the Gods and our Ancestors desire us to live boldly, honorably, and happily in this world.
It's like my good and brave Bear friend tells me, “I don’t know any Father that doesn’t want his children to be stronger and happier than he was.”
Such good wholesome wisdom that phrase is! For the All-Father who gave us these Runes, does indeed want us to live stronger and wiser and happier than he was. There may be many trials and darkness to get there, but the doors to Valhalla shine bright with the songs of the Victory Bringers.

This brightness and hope I share with all of you.


May you all ride towards your own victory! 

Friday, September 7, 2018



Within us all lies the rivers that
Flow both Bright and Murk
And each of the nine worlds
Are woven into the Heart of Man.

All men are hero and villain;
Victim and conqueror.
Denying any part of that reality,
Only places murk in the shadow
Which rides behind us as we sail
Into the Light of the Gods.

Many Bright ones are blind to their capacity of Murk
And often the Murk are undone by the Light they unconsciously seek.

Each Rune contains all of what is Bright and Murk
Where each world holds a key to unlocking.

To truly know the Runes,
One must face the nine realms and their shadows
Which make up the cosmos of the Mind.
One must call the Runes as themselves
Both Bright and Murk
Light and Dark
Known and Unknown
And then CHOOSE how to wield them.

Only then, do Runes become a Choice.
Only then, do we know our own Hearts.

For man is simply what he chooses to be
And the fate of the world lies
In whether he is courageous enough to face that.

- Christina Marvel

Monday, September 3, 2018



Heraclitus said “all is strife.
Everything turns into its opposite.”
What we resist, we become.
What ideas we detest, we embody.
What we fight, we give power to.
For the dance between Thesis and Antithesis
Live in the shape of the same home.

Yet Dialectic comes whistling
Down the Green and Winding Way.
He sings the songs of the Wild Man,
The Trickster, the Bard.
He becomes both Thesis and Antithesis
And dances blithely between them.
He smiles and is full of joy
For he is ALL and in him
All conflict is resolved.

Dialectic may try to woo Thesis
And then find her ways confining
Dialectic may try to teach Antithesis
To find that shadows and betrayal bar the way.

So Dialectic must soon walk along, whistling his
Merry tune of the Infinite ways.
He knows the road will call him once more.
Though he leaves Thesis and Antithesis
In the Home where he found them,
A part of them will travel with him

As he wanders down the Green and Winding Way.

- Christina Marvel