Monday, September 24, 2018

Seidr - An Introduction to Astral Sex

( Artwork by Alex Grey)
Seidr: Astral Sex edition

What if i told you that you could have full sensation sex with someone, transfer thoughts, Runes, and magic spells...while being halfway across the world from someone?

It can be done. Some are naturally gifted in this Vanic art. Some of us, it may take years to learn...some get the hang of it quickly, but need to be initiated first.

I can tell you that it involves a lot of self knowledge and the courage to love. It involves the willingness to be completely emotionally naked in front of the other person. It involves a certain amount of empathy on a scale that many struggle with.

This magic can also be used to harm people. Some skilled magicians can wall off parts if thier psyche from love (compartmentalized selves) and can invade your mind and body without you even knowing what's happening. They can rape you and invade your dreams...seducing you to love them. Convincing you to serve them. 

I'm on a mission to educate the Seidr community because forwarned is forarmed. 

Granted, if sex magic is done to harm others, there are specific consequences...the inner loving part that is used to bait the victim can actually be an entry point for battle magic and binding Runes. 

If one were so inclined to hunt these people would be able to use that particular point as advantage. 

All magic is neutral. One would think sex magic was all about love...but some can weaponize love. There are also countless amounts of Oorlog shadows and weaknesses that can be passed this way. If one were to engage in this magic, it is wise to do with trusted partners and to consistently understand one's true as to not get lost in the other person.

I have written in the past how Thorr is a great ally in Seidr work and Sex magic cam be made much safer with Thorr's protection (which I'm sure he's probably chuckling about this right now). A simple hammer hallowing over the body before doing sex magic aids in making sure the connection is beneficial for both people growing. 

So for those of you who are interested, i really recommend meditation and trance work to start out. 

A friend also shared this amazing video with me this morning and I laughed at how these things work out. It's funny when artists can tap visually into magical principles. The artwork in this video accurately captures what it is like to engage in this magic. 

I'll leave this here as an introduction for newcomers to Seidr sex magic and perhaps as inspiration for those of you veterans who ride the Astral Highways. 

Enjoy! And Happy travels to you all.

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