Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Theory of All of The Above

(Runic spell to reverse psychic vampirism)

Have you ever opened a text message or have seen a social media post and felt drained after reading it or seeing it? How you somehow felt irritated or cranky about it? When that happens, most likely it’s due to an energetic boundary violation.

Have you ever met someone and just interacting with them both irritates and drains you? When that happens, most likely it’s due to an energetic boundary violation.

Many people call these psychic vampires. The side effect of psychic vampires is that they keep you weak and distracted and you get stuck in your cycles because you are so busy that you can’t see your head from your ass to do anything about it. The good news is this is also a way to reverse the problem. They exist from three basic runes which can be altered to alleviate our problem.

As a Witch, I don’t like to just slap a label on something and call it a day. There are underlying reasons for everything and since I love Seidr and magic, I try to dissect and observe how these things happen.

Recently, a Shaman told me something that set bells off in my head. He said that “fear eats love and all emotions that keep the heart whole and healthy. It is a mindless killer.”

When he said this, I saw the NAUTHIZ Rune in my head and behind it was HAGALAZ and then a wonky URUZ. The URUZ got me curious because I often use that Rune to heal and redirect energies around myself and others and it appeared to me upside down. How could Uruz be connected to energetic vampires?? This led me on a fantastic hunt not only inside myself but meeting some new experiences in life.

The body (La), the spirit (Odr), and the Soul (Ond) must exist in balance for the whole person to be healthy and complete. The best wards are often made through a person finding good balance between the three parts of themselves. If any one of those parts are depleted too much, it will pull on the others to balance (like a low pressure weather system flowing into a high pressure weather system). Our minds are often the playground of this balance between the soul and the body. The thoughts and emotions inside our heads working much like weather systems as energies move and rebalance. Get energy stolen from the body and it pulls from the Soul causing a bunch of turbulence in the mind. For the most part, people don’t know how to steal the soul or mind energy of others….mostly they just steal Hamr energy. Then the mind works to move the energy of the soul through the body so that it can replenish.

Some adept in Runes can steal soul energy and they are not only some of the most dangerous psychic vampires you could ever meet, but they can also be some of the hardest to spot. ALWAYS LOOK AT THE NEGATIVE SPACE, YOUNG SEIDRWORKER! The vampire will be surrounded by drama, sickness, and death. If you have a healthy community and all of a sudden it falls prey to drama and people start dying, you possibly have a OND vampire in your midst. They will be the healthiest and happiest even amidst all this chaos. This is because they feed off the love of others because they cannot generate love inside themselves anymore. They have learned to outsource their fear which is eating at the little bit of life reserves they still have so other people can experience it. That fear shifts love and happiness in the hearts of others to the vampire. They can only survive if they have people’s love to feed on. What often happens when an energetic vampire gets into a community is that they cause so much drama and gossip that it creates a hunger storm of people feeding off off people and a frenzy of boundary violations. This also causes addictive behaviour because the love is drained from people's hearts.

The practice I have learned to help in these situations is learning to befriend fear (FREYJA) and keep strong boundaries around my love (THORR!). I started to think of my fears as parts of me that have been weakened, so I began to befriend them, and be compassionate with them. LAGUZ is a good Rune for this work. LAGUZ counteracts the NAUTHIZ that draws out people’s love from their hearts. It stops that Need-fire before it even gets a chance to spark. Then WUNJO…adding in laughter and making light of the situation and laughing at the ridiculousness of how these things happen counteracts HAGALAZ. When you can laugh at the funny aspects of misfortune, then misfortune loses its hold on us. The drama and pain around the vampire act as a whirlwind of HAGALAZ to suck away our happiness. Then lastly, the horns of Uruz must be turned back to their proper place. A part of nature is survival of the fittest where life feeds on life and the strongest overcome the weakest. Yet, there is another side of nature and that is ADAPTABILITY (this was taught to me by a wise WOLF). Nature can evolve and adapt to environmental stresses and so can we. URUZ can be modified to be a power of adaptation instead of blind survival. This can be done with our actions. When we channel URUZ, we can be mindful that all the actions we do that day is about learning to adapt to situations instead of blindly reacting. The energy of our body and mind, will alter the energy in our soul and the Rune will turn and change. REMEMBER: WHAT YOU DO, SAY, AND THINK EFFECTS YOUR INNER RUNES.

The changing of Runic energies is related to the energy of DAGAZ. The Day Rune is the Rune of cycles and change. The Sun is also a prime reason for our genetic evolution. Solar rays penetrate all life forms and mutate DNA. The source of the sun and the cycles it produces is our best ally in transforming Runes in us and around us.

I always suggest a deep study of Dagaz when people want to change their patterns. Throwing your wishes (WUNJO) into DAGAZ will reveal how to get your wishes granted. Throwing your needs (NAUTHIZ) will show you why you got into this mess in the first place. Dagr is the great illuminator God and I am amazed at how few Heathens seek his guidance.

A good way to seek Dagr is during his times of becoming and ending (Dawn and Dusk). Seek him and ask for his aid in illuminating the cycles in your life. Then leave your heart and mind open for everything and anyone around you to teach you the lessons. RUNES TEACH US THROUGH THE THOUGHTS AND ACTIONS OF OTHERS

One of my old Rune teachers had this great nugget of wisdom that he shared, to which I adapted and added on to. I call it “ALL OF THE ABOVE”


Every one of us has unique minds and bodies, thus our experiences and perceptions about the world (and astral world) around us will vastly differ. A wise Rune Mage knows that the RUNA, the great RUNES, are made up of countless little runes…meaning PEOPLE. We each have mini versions of the great RUNA in us. That means we ALL have pieces of the puzzle (Sneaky Odin loves to play tricks!!) That means that every one of our Runic experiences are all valid and true. They all add to the collective RUNA.

RUNA is the collective energies of every Runic experience that has ever happened or is happening or will ever happen in the future.

(sound familiar, Heathens?) *wink wink wink*

Now piecing all this wild data together is the real difficult part. Sometimes it can just be a nightmare to do that…but hey, Odin is also a God of Terror as well as Wisdom. Sometimes we gotta face that Terror in order to get the Wisdom. Shit just rolls that way sometimes.

So we experience Runes and our friends and enemies experience Runes and all those are true. It’s like, if you’re taking a test and every question is:

What is the meaning of existence?

A.      My meaning
B.      The meaning of my friends and mentors
C.      The meaning of my enemies

And every answer is ALL OF THE ABOVE. It’s a bit exhausting sometimes figuring it all out and we are, by no means, obligated to do so. Yet some of us with some free brain time and a penchant to go mad every once in a while can choose to do so.

This theory of ALL OF THE ABOVE is all born out of using empathy in Seidr. Using Empathy to understand and empathize with everyone allows for us to learn how to integrate and thus grow the RUNA inside us. This is how we get out of sticky situations and addictive patterns, as well. Well, it’s the first step. You see, I’ve met people who know this, but they don’t have the drive to do anything about it. If you want lasting change, you gotta strap your DAGAZ to your MANNAZ and muscle up the courage to actually make sacrifices and change in order for this to fully grow in a person.

Knowing wisdom is only the precursor to actually acting on it.

But, hey, we all got to start somewhere. So best of luck to you Runanauts! May you break those cycles, free yourself from hungry vamps, see more than your ever have, and do more that you could have ever imagined!

Life is out there waiting for you.

Go get ‘em tigers!

Monday, October 15, 2018

Emotional Seidr – The path of the Frigga and Freyja


Hugr  - thought (Huginn)

Munr – emotion/memory (Munnin)

This is how I see emotions, as gigantic St. Bernard’s carrying a case full of thoughts. I see them this way, because I love St. Bernard’s. They make me happy and imagining them in this way helps me to interact with them on a spiritual and mental level. Technically, emotions are just energy that is both brought into and ejected from our bodies. We generate emotions as a part of being living organisms. They are not thoughts, but they can be vehicles of thoughts. In fact, thoughts would not be able to travel anywhere unless they are carried by emotions. That’s why, when someone is dying or weak, it is hard to understand them. Their body is weak, so they have given up on emotional exchange. They can no longer send their thoughts to others, thus two way empathy becomes very hard. It takes physical energy for the body to generate emotions. The more we deplete our energy, the less force our emotions have. Lack of emotional exchange is also why communication breaks down between people. Lack of emotional exchange is why confusion happens because you would not be able to fully understand someone unless they sent their thoughts on a wave of emotions to you. Without emotions, thoughts fall flat in the astral plane. They move very little. Emotions are the force that moves things in the spiritual plane. Emotions are the way we explore and connect with the world around us. Ever be around a child and notice how they can switch from emotion to emotion at the drop of a hat? They are testing their spiritual powers. They are trying out how to play and manipulate with their emotions.

Sadly, emotional expression has been repressed throughout most of the world. Many emotional people are shamed for expressing their emotions which gives them deep wounds in their Munr. Those young children are taught not to express their rage or sorrow, their happiness or their ecstatic joy. When each time this happens, the child develops wounds in their Munr, which stunts their growth. They might choose perhaps one emotion to use at all times; maybe joy for women (because women are seen desirable if they are happy); maybe anger for men because they are seen as powerful if they are angry. They repress all other emotions and only focus on one. This effects how they transfer thoughts to people and also effects the types of relationships they get involved in throughout their lives.

People who suppress anger often betray those around them. People who suppress joy often shame those around them. People who suppress sadness often mock those around them. People who suppress love often harass others. There are also countless nuances here because each of our emotions can be blended with one another. Sorting through all these emotions can take a lot of work, but I find it rewarding work and I usually spend most of my day not only talking and interacting with my emotions, but with the emotions of others.

I get emotion puppies from people every day. Most of the time, people don’t realize they are trying to eject their emotions onto others. Many people don’t want to feel their emotions, so they either bottle them up and hide them in their body or they eject them all over people around them. What emotions we express and give to others, we lose. We can also eject emotions onto others to share deep magical information.

My old Seidr teacher operated without emotional exchange in that she would never take in or share any too many emotions with others. She would bottle her emotions up and keep them confined and any time anyone around her would exhibit emotions, she would throw them back in the other’s face with a nice dose of shame. She was into the harsh ordeal and she did not have patience for anyone who wanted to feel anything that she did not agree with. I needed this training for a while for I have very chaotic emotions and she did teach me some control over mine, but the manner in which she did it left me weak and depleted. Shame is never a long lasting teaching tool, especially for an empathetic person.

I had to leave training with her because I felt there was another way to do this. I spent a year reaching out to Freyja for guidance on this issue and she eventually called me towards this work of learning how to energetically exchange emotions. She sent me teacher after teacher who showed me that Love is the great emotion that all thoughts and Runes sail on. She gave me the gift of WunjoLaguz and I see now why they call her Mardoll, the daughter of the sea and shining waters. Her love comes to me in waves most days. When I am broken from my work, beaten down and burdened with the emotions that others lay at my feet, I offer them to Mardoll, the great Goddess of Emotions who sweeps my Oorlog clean with her tides of love. Her love literally washes me each day and I am renewed so when I feel the hatred, shame, anger, and pain of others, I bring them to the shores of Love where Freyja resides in Folkvangr and I let her carry those burdens away.

I also sought Frigga, the great maternal mother who gives WunjoBerkano from the fertile fens of Fensalir. Every time I needed to find the will to keep going and have a positive attitude after being hurt and betrayed time and time again, I would go to Frigga. She would show me her wide fertile heart and cry with me. She would hold me as a mother Bear and show me how to grow my own strength and resolve back. She taught me how to regrow my hope after it had been ripped from me and after I had naively given it away. Between  Frigga and Freyja, I learned that no matter if he whole world did not love or understand me, they did. They would always be there as my mothers to guide and help me in times of need. They fed me in ways I have never been fed before.

My Shamanic background has taught me that all creatures survive based upon emotional and energetic exchange. None of us can live too long without them, especially the emotional exchanges of love and compassion. I have seen people wither and die from lack of love. I have experienced it myself. Love feeds us just as much as food nourishes our body and we throw true unconditional love away often at our own spiritual peril.

Many of us have been sold that love and emotions should only be exchanged if the other person is perfect and blemish free in their Oorlog. Yet, the shaman knows all of us are broken. I remember once crying to my Shaman brother about being afraid of getting into another relationship after breaking up with my ex-husband. I told him I was afraid because now I can see the brokenness in people more than I ever could. I was afraid to love someone broken because they might betray or hurt me. I thought my new partner should be perfect and whole and I would never have to worry about their wounds, but was upset because no person exists like that.

My brother laughed and said, “All of us are broken in places. You want to be with someone who’s willing to work with you through that brokenness.”

What I didn’t realize is this applies to all of our relationships. None of us are whole or complete. None of us are perfect and wound-free. The people we want in our lives are people who see our wounds and our struggles and are willing to work with us and walk alongside us regardless of those wounds. People who see us and are undeterred by our weaknesses. Those are true friends and companions; people who see us and are not afraid of our shadows.

Some of us have St. Bernards that still piss on the carpet and tear up our shoes. Some of us have St. Bernard’s that jump in the cars of strangers or run out into the road. Some of us have St. Bernard’s that bite people and cause fights in the park with other dogs. Some of us have St. Bernard’s that are afraid of leaving the house or who have been crippled from being in a cage for so long. A good and true friends sees the state of our puppies and sticks around. Like Frigg and Freyja, they might help out in training them or give us permission to let them out of the cages we’ve been locking them in.

I believe Seidr is essential towards us understanding who we are and how our emotions work. I also believe this work is essential towards healing people in both the mind (Odr), body (La) and Spirit (Ond). I think this work is essential for our communities and those of us who are born with extra empathetic feelers have ways in which we can train and grow without repressing or binding ourselves.

Freyja has always taught me that it is possible for an empathetic person to become empowered. She teaches me every day, how to be fierce and brave and still feel everything. I am always stretched and I always grow, and I’ve come to trust that even when I am stretched to the point of where I fear my mind and heart may break and kill me, she sends kind folk my way to remind me of the love of the Gods. Frigga teaches me that I can grow from anything and that there is no pain too big that I cannot weather. She teaches me about renewal and strength and how to not give up on people even if they hurt me. She teaches me of the power of emotional fortitude.

I am faithful to both my goddesses Freyja and Frigga because time and time again, they have been faithful to me. They have shown me a better world where people can find wholeness and healing, even amidst the chaos of life.

Önd þau né áttu, óð þau né höfðu,
lá né læti né litu góða;
önd gaf Óðinn, óð gaf Hænir,
lá gaf Lóðurr ok litu góða.

They had neither breath nor wit nor life hue
nor manner nor good looks. Odin gave them
the breath of life, Hoenir gave them wod,
Lothur gave them life and good looks.

  • Voluspa

Huginn ok Muninn fljúga hverjan dag
Jörmungrund yfir;
óumk ek um Hugin at hann aftr né komit,
þó sjámk meir um Munin.

Huginn and Muninn
fly over the earth each day.
I dread that Huginn may not come back,
though I fear more for Muninn.

  • Grímnismál

Friday, October 12, 2018

Ancestor Galdr

Once we start to get connected to the sounds of Galdr, we find that Galdr exists in so many things that we love. The names of Gods become Galdr. The names of creatures become Galdr. The names of places become Galdr. One could look at the whole Poetic Edda as a gigantic book of Galdr spells. One could take each stanza of the Voluspa and chant them as spells to experience so we can perhaps see more of what the lore can reveal.

What an interesting concept, no? Can you imagine Seidrfolk, sitting around fires for 66 nights, taking each stanza of the Völuspá and collectively seeing what visions and emotions they experience from the Galdr spells? Can you imagine Seidrfolk coordinating Shamanic journeys into the Lore so that we can piece together the Ancient kennings? Such things are options for those of us who decide that we would like to work together. Such things are possible.

The principles of Galdr apply to this work. The names of our Ancestors are also incredibly sacred. If you ever heard someone shout your name in a crowd, even if it’s for someone else with your same name, you have felt the power in a name. If you long to see a lover and they call you on the phone and say your name in love, you feel the power of that name. If you have ever had a respected hero or head of organization recognize your work and call you by name, you have felt that power. Our names have much power. So do the names of our Ancestors and Gods. The more we say their names and say them in reverence with love and power, the more energy we give them. The more we activate them in our minds and soul.

The less we speak of the, the dimmer they grow.

I often chuckle at how some people who hate a particular head of state will keep saying their name over and over again, Galdering energy and attention to that person. Or how they would become fixated on figures in history that they hate and keep saying their names over and over again. If you want to drain anything of power, stop saying it’s name. Direct your attention somewhere else. If you hate the current gods around you, just choose different gods and focus on that. Your life energy will flow away from that old model and into the new. I remember it took me about a year to detox from Christianity. When I became a witch in the 80’s, it took me about a year of saying my Ancestral God names daily to purge my consciousness with that foreign God.

We are all allowed to worship who we wish, but it’s important to remember that certain Gods fought with our Ancestors and it is our Ancestors that have a direct line to our bodies. The more we connect with our Ancestors, the more we connect with our bodies. Every cell in our body is connected to the energy of our Ancestors and those spirits all had names. If you want to get closer to your body and physical mind, to fill it with strength, connect with your Ancestors.

That can be done by simply chanting the names and places where your Ancestors are from. For those of us Heathens, the names of our Gods are associated with the names of our Ancestors. So chanting the names of our Gods not only summons their energies but links those energies with our ancestors. This can be a simple way we can connect ourselves on either a weekly or daily basis.

Once a week, I sit with my Ancestors and drum while I Galdr their names. I weave Runes in with the songs and I sit and wait to see what the Ancestors choose to show me. Each time I do this, I become more connected with my Ancestors. Each time I do this, I become more confident and sure of who I am and the life I want to live. Each time I do this, I learn more of my self and my magic.

Through this Ancestral work, I have overcome addictions and bad habits. I have set myself to break cycles and create new lasting and healthy relationships in my life. I have learned about what I want and I have taken appropriate steps for making new boundaries. I do not seek the advice of others. I do not rely on others. I do not need anyone, because I have my Ancestors. Everyone in my life is precious and valuable because I chose for them to be there. I do not need them to be anyone but themselves, because I need for nothing. I merely appreciate and love.

This has been the great gift of my ancestors. They have given me my purpose and all the love I could ever have imagined. They are my root and my foundation and they are the basis of all my magic.

I would not be here without my Ancestors. They bled, sweat, and died so I could be here writing this to your today. They both struggled with shadows and did great deeds, but under all of it was the desire for survival and the love of the next generation. They weren’t perfect, and I had the wisdom to ask them to show me the best of themselves so I could learn.

I would not be the person I am today without this work.

So on this Freyja’s Day, the day named after Freyja Vanadis, the Disir or great Mother Ancestor of the Vanir tribe, I wanted to share with you the magic we can weave with Ancestor work. This is healing work. This is work that builds communities and repairs homes. It is, quite simply, the humble work of love.

So on this day as I honor Freyja Vanadis, I wish you all the love of your Ancestors. May you all grow to know them deeper each and every day on your wonderful life’s journey.

Sonr kvað:

1. "Vaki þú, Gróa, vaki þú, góð kona,
vek ek þik dauðra dura, ef þú þat mant,
at þú þinn mög bæðir til kumbldysjar koma."

Gróa kvað:

Svipdag spake:

1. "Wake thee, Groa! | wake, mother good!
At the doors of the dead I call thee;
Thy son, bethink thee, | thou badst to seek
Thy help at the hill of death."

- Groagaldr

Wednesday, October 10, 2018


Each one of us, as we grow in Runes can decide what our Evil is. Our Evil consists the energies which deter us from our purpose and our truth. Evil is subjective, and it is personal. Many will try to take your evil away from you and tell you to love everything while they disempower you slowly with techniques of self-doubt. Evil hates illumination.
I could take the role of the philosopher here and say evil doesn’t exist, but that would detract from how useful evil is. Knowing what evil is and how it works helps in using it to maximum effect in one’s mind.
The English word Evil comes from the Proto-Germanic word ubilaz meaning cruel, crime, misfortune, defective, disease. Until the 1200’s Evil (or Yfel in Old English) was used to describe any kind of action or essence that broke things. After the 1200’s it started to be attributed to people’s moral character. The word Evil has been used by the Christian church in a fantastic display of propaganda. The inquisitors of the church would rape, murder, and torture healers and pagans because they labelled them “evil”. The church did not want people to be independent spiritually. They did not want folk to consort with spirits or heal themselves with magic. Their purpose was domination and control. They did it small, by infecting the young with self-doubt. They taught the people that spirituality had to be done “certain ways”. They steered people away from them listening to their own innate intuition. They created hierarchies and systems of spiritual learning. The Master was above the Student and in full control. The student had to copy the master’s ways for the master knew better than the student.

Evil broke the old systems of teaching, where Shamans laughed and helped people remember their own magic. Where no one is better than another in the spiritual plane…and that even the smallest of us is important to the Cosmos. Evil stressed systems or specific channels which people could find spiritual knowledge. Evil hoards knowledge and does not share it freely in Frith. Evil is broken magic. Evil does what it is….Evil breaks things because itself is inherently broken. Evil can pretend to heal, but it’s only an illusion and is never lasting. I’ve seen Evil witches heal the body but destroy the soul…the person may be mended in one place, but depressed and unhappy in others. Evil never heals holistically.

True magic teaches the person how to heal themselves. True magic helps people become their own person, not a copy of someone else. True magic helps an individual become empowered in who they are, connected strong to their Fylgja. They do not suffer so much worry, fear, or doubt because they trust themselves. They do not seek to control others or mock others because they trust themselves. They do not seek to actively harm others because they trust themselves. Those who wield true magic will fight to protect what it honorable and true in their lives if necessary, but they don’t seek to harm others for why break things when one is whole?

This can be a confusing thing for many Shamans and Runewitches. There is much evil in this world. Our whole controlling system of society is built on shame and control to “keep people safe”. When small groups pop out of the main system, they often conform to the very shape of the old system. They say, “oh, we have found a new thing that is true and righteous and all who do not believe like we do are EVIL.”. Yet, evil isn’t a belief system. Evil is an energy…it is brokenness. Evil isn’t meat-eating or patriarchy or the Republican party…just as much as paganism or homosexuality is evil. Those things are just propaganda.

Evil is brokenness and you FEEL evil. You feel it in your bones. You know what evil is when you stare it in the eyes or walk on Mother Earth who has been poisoned with it. Evil Is intuited.
The reason why Runes give you Evil is because the Runes remove all the bullshit you let cover you your whole life. The Runes help you learn to trust your Fylgja and your instincts. You know what streets to not walk down, because you know what waits for you there. You know not to get involved in certain people because you know how shitty they will eventually treat you. You know that even though someone smiles and says all the sweet things and talks about Love and Light and Sunshine and Rainbows, will start to eventually corrode your connection with your own Fylgja and your own intuition.
When convinces you to doubt yourself, they are working evil on you. When someone wants to just fuck with you because they can, they are trying to dominate and control your and are working evil. When someone wants to erode your happiness and make you suffer because you are different than them and you somehow pose a threat to their domain, they are working evil. Evil is disease and it works to penetrate and infect everyone it can. It cannot just let people be. It must destroy them.

The Shaman and Runewitch would be wise to steer clear of evil.

Here are some things to look for: Can you laugh freely and be silly about life (without cruelly laughing at the expense of others)? Do you live with no doubt in your choices? Do you trust yourself completely? Do you believe that no matter what happens, you will be happy? Do you pride yourself in your capacity to love? Are you generous with your friends?

If you answer no to any of these questions, there is Evil in your Oorlog. Never fear, we all have it. We’ve had over a thousand years of Christian propaganda on what evil isn’t. Our families are steeped in Evil. We were raised in little plastic evil bubbles. We were shamed for our intuition and our gifts. We were taught to doubt ourselves. We were taught to distract ourselves with other people instead of healing ourselves. We were drawn away from discovering our own unique magic. We were taught that someone has to teach us magic….when all we had to do was remember who we are.

A Shaman is Love because a shaman helps us remember who we are. Evil will always seek to confuse and boggle the wanderer and lure them into a dark forest where they will lose themselves. Evil will never respect you. It will betray you when you most need it. This, a Shaman knows intimately well. For Shamans work to remove evil, they heal evil,  and often dance with evil. Shamans are on the battlefront day in and day out, trying to remind people to believe in themselves again.

If it's one thing I can share with you about Evil, it's that Evil will always seek to separate you from yourself. 

Be wise, young traveler. Always trust yourself. Always listen to your inner wisdom. Follow those breadcrumbs back to your true home.

Friday, October 5, 2018

From Nott Into Dagaz

Long ago, there was a troll that convinced the world of Men that to live vibrantly was to invite disaster. “Don’t sing too loud or love to loud, you might be gathered by the church priests and burned, “ it said. “Don’t dance too hard or shine too bright or you will be shunned. Don’t let your daughters be too wild or carefree. Don’t let your sons feel or cry. Don’t let passion be a part of the mead hall. Never trust the wandering bard for he is a trickster who draws men to their death.”

Its words spread like a murk ice stave over the hearts of man and people began to trust not the cloaked bard or the laughing Shaman. The folk began to look down on women who were a little too wild and happy. They shamed the men who had heart-filled hearts. They began to gossip and envision fearsome monsters everywhere, not realizing it was the shape of their own shadow they saw. They began to weave conspiracies and conspire to keep others down and they forgot what it felt like to dance naked in the woods, or bathe in the dawn's rays. They forgot how it felt to make love with mud between their thighs or how to howl like wolves and growl like bears in the night. They began to keep themselves small and when they saw the Wod in another, they either sought to smother or shame it away.

Yet in small pockets of the world, there were still hearths lit with the light of Wod. Their soup pots were full of hearty cheer and generosity. They did not weep at disaster, but gleefully grinned at the waves of circumstance that came and went. They laughed hard into the night and always bathed in the dawn. Their daughters knew what the scent of wood smoke meant and how it felt to sing to the moon. Their sons knew how a tune could turn a battlefield to victory. These places were the last homes of Wod.

Now in an age where everything is seen. The great spider has illuminated the minds of men towards one another….and the rise of Wod begins to fills the homes of Heathens once more. The Wandering Cloaked bard fills the ways with hope and joy and wild lust for life. He sings Greening songs of life and rugged individualism.

Yet, the trolls also rise, as well. Their paranoia and fear ride the same pathways to our minds. Those same trolls sing songs of fear and mistrust, of enmity and shame. They do not bathe in the dawn or laugh heartily in the night with friends. They convince man to conform to what is “safe”, they whisper on the Web about “disaster is coming”. They seek to divide instead of unite by convincing mankind that appearance determines character. Trolls have appearance and outwardly, they look beautiful. Yet, inwardly, they weaken and destroy the heart of Wod.

True Heathens have vastly different appearances, but you know their Wod by the way you feel when you are around them. The Wanderer teaches us to not only look with our outward eyes, but our inner eyes, as well. For how we feel around others can be a bigger indicator of who they are than what they look like. Wod teaches man to FEEL as well as SEE. For without cultivating our FEELINGS, we will never be able to notice the trolls that feed off the hearts of man.

So If you want to reveal the true nature of things to yourself. Merely sing Dagaz songs of the Day. Drink with Thorr in the evening. Cry with Bragi as he sings. Laugh with Frigga and delight in Freyja. Feel the moonlight and sunlight on your naked skin. Remember the smell of wood smoke and the sound of hearty laughter. Learn to dance again.

Then look out into your world with not just your eyes, but the Wod of your heart. And see what the light of the Gods reveal in your life.

(Artwork: Slavic God Dazhbog, winner of darkness and wealth giver)

Monday, October 1, 2018



Frau Perchta, Birch Goddess of the Alps
Who rewards good children with silver in their shoes;
Who clambers down the chimney with care;
And slits the bellies of naughty children-
Taking their organs and replacing them with straw and stones.

Do not toil or spin on the twelve nights of Yule,
But revel in the joy of family and hearth.
For she rewards the labor of the year
And rides a wild Goat, that she cooks and shares with folk:
A magical goat reborn whole each dawn.

She is known for having one foot of a woman
And one foot of a giant goose.
A sign that she was of an ancient family of Bird woman:
Guardians of the Well of Urd
And Valkyries to Wotan of the Wild Hunt.

Some say she is beautiful, and most striking to behold
While others call her an ugly hag and a witch.
I like to think that she reflects the eye of the beholder
And she appears as the state of our soul.

So when the wild winds of winter blow
And it is time to light the Yuletide logs
Take joy in your reward for hard labors of the year
And do not mourn those who receive deserved woe.

- Christina Marvel