Wednesday, October 10, 2018


Each one of us, as we grow in Runes can decide what our Evil is. Our Evil consists the energies which deter us from our purpose and our truth. Evil is subjective, and it is personal. Many will try to take your evil away from you and tell you to love everything while they disempower you slowly with techniques of self-doubt. Evil hates illumination.
I could take the role of the philosopher here and say evil doesn’t exist, but that would detract from how useful evil is. Knowing what evil is and how it works helps in using it to maximum effect in one’s mind.
The English word Evil comes from the Proto-Germanic word ubilaz meaning cruel, crime, misfortune, defective, disease. Until the 1200’s Evil (or Yfel in Old English) was used to describe any kind of action or essence that broke things. After the 1200’s it started to be attributed to people’s moral character. The word Evil has been used by the Christian church in a fantastic display of propaganda. The inquisitors of the church would rape, murder, and torture healers and pagans because they labelled them “evil”. The church did not want people to be independent spiritually. They did not want folk to consort with spirits or heal themselves with magic. Their purpose was domination and control. They did it small, by infecting the young with self-doubt. They taught the people that spirituality had to be done “certain ways”. They steered people away from them listening to their own innate intuition. They created hierarchies and systems of spiritual learning. The Master was above the Student and in full control. The student had to copy the master’s ways for the master knew better than the student.

Evil broke the old systems of teaching, where Shamans laughed and helped people remember their own magic. Where no one is better than another in the spiritual plane…and that even the smallest of us is important to the Cosmos. Evil stressed systems or specific channels which people could find spiritual knowledge. Evil hoards knowledge and does not share it freely in Frith. Evil is broken magic. Evil does what it is….Evil breaks things because itself is inherently broken. Evil can pretend to heal, but it’s only an illusion and is never lasting. I’ve seen Evil witches heal the body but destroy the soul…the person may be mended in one place, but depressed and unhappy in others. Evil never heals holistically.

True magic teaches the person how to heal themselves. True magic helps people become their own person, not a copy of someone else. True magic helps an individual become empowered in who they are, connected strong to their Fylgja. They do not suffer so much worry, fear, or doubt because they trust themselves. They do not seek to control others or mock others because they trust themselves. They do not seek to actively harm others because they trust themselves. Those who wield true magic will fight to protect what it honorable and true in their lives if necessary, but they don’t seek to harm others for why break things when one is whole?

This can be a confusing thing for many Shamans and Runewitches. There is much evil in this world. Our whole controlling system of society is built on shame and control to “keep people safe”. When small groups pop out of the main system, they often conform to the very shape of the old system. They say, “oh, we have found a new thing that is true and righteous and all who do not believe like we do are EVIL.”. Yet, evil isn’t a belief system. Evil is an energy…it is brokenness. Evil isn’t meat-eating or patriarchy or the Republican party…just as much as paganism or homosexuality is evil. Those things are just propaganda.

Evil is brokenness and you FEEL evil. You feel it in your bones. You know what evil is when you stare it in the eyes or walk on Mother Earth who has been poisoned with it. Evil Is intuited.
The reason why Runes give you Evil is because the Runes remove all the bullshit you let cover you your whole life. The Runes help you learn to trust your Fylgja and your instincts. You know what streets to not walk down, because you know what waits for you there. You know not to get involved in certain people because you know how shitty they will eventually treat you. You know that even though someone smiles and says all the sweet things and talks about Love and Light and Sunshine and Rainbows, will start to eventually corrode your connection with your own Fylgja and your own intuition.
When convinces you to doubt yourself, they are working evil on you. When someone wants to just fuck with you because they can, they are trying to dominate and control your and are working evil. When someone wants to erode your happiness and make you suffer because you are different than them and you somehow pose a threat to their domain, they are working evil. Evil is disease and it works to penetrate and infect everyone it can. It cannot just let people be. It must destroy them.

The Shaman and Runewitch would be wise to steer clear of evil.

Here are some things to look for: Can you laugh freely and be silly about life (without cruelly laughing at the expense of others)? Do you live with no doubt in your choices? Do you trust yourself completely? Do you believe that no matter what happens, you will be happy? Do you pride yourself in your capacity to love? Are you generous with your friends?

If you answer no to any of these questions, there is Evil in your Oorlog. Never fear, we all have it. We’ve had over a thousand years of Christian propaganda on what evil isn’t. Our families are steeped in Evil. We were raised in little plastic evil bubbles. We were shamed for our intuition and our gifts. We were taught to doubt ourselves. We were taught to distract ourselves with other people instead of healing ourselves. We were drawn away from discovering our own unique magic. We were taught that someone has to teach us magic….when all we had to do was remember who we are.

A Shaman is Love because a shaman helps us remember who we are. Evil will always seek to confuse and boggle the wanderer and lure them into a dark forest where they will lose themselves. Evil will never respect you. It will betray you when you most need it. This, a Shaman knows intimately well. For Shamans work to remove evil, they heal evil,  and often dance with evil. Shamans are on the battlefront day in and day out, trying to remind people to believe in themselves again.

If it's one thing I can share with you about Evil, it's that Evil will always seek to separate you from yourself. 

Be wise, young traveler. Always trust yourself. Always listen to your inner wisdom. Follow those breadcrumbs back to your true home.

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