Monday, October 1, 2018



Frau Perchta, Birch Goddess of the Alps
Who rewards good children with silver in their shoes;
Who clambers down the chimney with care;
And slits the bellies of naughty children-
Taking their organs and replacing them with straw and stones.

Do not toil or spin on the twelve nights of Yule,
But revel in the joy of family and hearth.
For she rewards the labor of the year
And rides a wild Goat, that she cooks and shares with folk:
A magical goat reborn whole each dawn.

She is known for having one foot of a woman
And one foot of a giant goose.
A sign that she was of an ancient family of Bird woman:
Guardians of the Well of Urd
And Valkyries to Wotan of the Wild Hunt.

Some say she is beautiful, and most striking to behold
While others call her an ugly hag and a witch.
I like to think that she reflects the eye of the beholder
And she appears as the state of our soul.

So when the wild winds of winter blow
And it is time to light the Yuletide logs
Take joy in your reward for hard labors of the year
And do not mourn those who receive deserved woe.

- Christina Marvel

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